Peter Hudák

Ján Rolík Mihók

Welcome to Slovakia. My name is Jan . I am a tour guide with 5 years of experience as a guide and more then 8 years in hospitality. Its my effort to find out the history and I am excited to meet new people. I love work with tourists, discover new stories and places. I inviting you to come and visit a rich country of history, culture, mountains, thermal water, museums, national parks, caves or just make some fun. Slovakia is a little big country. I am ready to help you find more about your family tree and your family history.


We will explore together very interesting places in Slovakia, when you let me be your guide.


Experienced and proffesional Guides


Hi, Iam Peter, and hope your future tour guide. I work in tourism since 2005, when I was first time a tourist guide in Castle Krásná Hôrka as a student. After that I worked as tourist guide in Spain, Turkey and Hungary for almost 5 years. But now Iam based in Slovakia, and Iam happy that I can guide you in beautifull Slovakia.