History of emigration to America


Why does the people emmigrated from Slovakia and Austro-Hungary ?



Significant immigration from Austria did not begin until about 1880
Hungarian immigrants came to the United States sporadically in the 1700s and 1800s, but these were primarily upper class people coming for personal reasons.
In the 1850s, many Hungarian men immigrated and became known as the 'Forty-niners'.  Several joined the Union army during the Civil War.  Some later returned to Hungary but most remained.
Great numbers of both Austrian and Hungarian immigrants came to the United States around the turn of the century.  Between 1901 and 1910, over 2.1 million Austrians came to the United States.
When World War I began, immigration came to a halt, and restrictive laws limited immigration greatly after the war.  However, many Austrians and Hungarians fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape the Nazi regime.


Push Factors

The 'Forty-niners' came to the United states to 'escape retribution by Austrian authorities after the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848'.
The wave of immigration from 1880 to about 1915 was called the 'Great Economic Immigration'

World War II was a result of Hitler's rise to power and the economic and political situation in Europe.  Many Czechoslovakians and Hungarians came as refugees fleeing persecution because of their religion. 


Where did they settled, and why?


Immigrants settled mostly in urban cities in the Northeastern United States. Farmers had hoped to farm in the United States but farming was being industrialized and these immigrants were disappointed.
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut had large numbers of both Czechoslovakian and Hungarian immigrants.                         Ohio,  Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Virginia had significant populations of middle Europeans as well.  Industries needed imigrants to settle where they were - coal mines in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, factories, steel and textile mills in Illinois, Ohio, and New York.
Also the big population of middle European immigrants went to, California, and Florida.





First of all we have to know Slovakia is a young country. The modern Slovakia was established in 1993, when Czechoslovakia separated to Czech and Slovak republic.

Czechoslovakia was created after First world war, in 1918 after collapse of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. The U.S. president Wodrow Wilson help in this proces with intervention among others. 

More informations you can find on wikipedia: History of Czechoslovakia

Before this period mostly we can not find term Slovakia or Slovakian.

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map of austro hungary 1913 immigration

Austro-Hungarian Monarchy before I. World War

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